Things that matter…

Well, it’s taken me a while but I’ve finally got there..I’m bloggin’!

In this blog over the days to come the idea is to muse on all things that matter. It has taken me a long while but I now know that if something matters to me, it matters – full stop. It doesn’t matter that it may not matter to anyone else, if it has meaning and significance for me, it is important enough to consider it to ‘matter.’

All sorts of things matter to all sorts of people, we’re all different and unique and so what counts as of worth to some may not to others. Whatever we hold dear, to honour each other for the things which matter to each of us is a gift worthy of giving and so beautiful to receive. Cricket, tennis, football, golf, coffee, a good book, an honest conversation, walking in the sunshine, being quiet and unhurried, a sunset, a dream for the future, the feel of a child’s hand in mine, time…some of these things matter to me, some don’t. Some matter because people I cherish find great delight in them rather than because I am a great fan.

If it matters to you, it matters. Our challenge to ourselves is to allow what matters to be expressed, appreciated and continually discovered and explored.

So, as the blog unfolds there will be all manner of things that matter to me and which I hope will be of help and interest to others.